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How To Create a New Google Account

Creating a new Google account is not only simple but allows you to access a wealth of online applications and services for free! This step-by-step process below will quickly get you on your way!

Step One – Getting Started

Visit or click the +You link in the upper right corner of the Google home screen, and click on the “Create an account” link below the signin form.

Step Two – Creating an Identity

Fill out the account creation form in its entirety. Be sure to create a username that is unique to you and a secure password that you can easily remember (but that will be difficult for others to figure out). Including your phone number and a backup email address provides a secondary means of accessing your account in the event that you forget or misplace your username and/or password.

Complete the CAPTCHA, and agree to the terms of service. Click “Next Step” to proceed.

Step Three – Verification

This step verifies that it is you creating this account and not, for instance, somebody stealing your identity. Enter your mobile number (for a text or voice call) or landline and click “Continue” to receive a call (typically immediately) with your verification code.
When you receive your verification code (by either text or over the phone), enter it into the verification box and click “Continue.”

Step Four – Creating Your Persona

Upload a profile image of yourself, or simply click “Next step.”
You will be brought to a confirmation screen showing your new email address. Simply click “Continue to Google” to proceed.

From there you can access all of your settings, making changes to most information anytime you want.

Step Five – Enjoy the Web!

Now that you have created your new Google account, you are free to take advantage of all that Google has to offer!

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