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Artificial intelligence has remained a hot topic for years – with huge hopes and fears for the future depending on who you ask about it. While some may fall victim to the concern that artificial intelligence and robots will take over our jobs, Artificial intelligence still requires too much human input to be much of a threat. However, some are…    Continue Reading

Google is continually adjusting their algorithm that determines how search results appear in their search engine. They often make small tweaks that usually go unnoticed, but other times they make major updates that can have a large impact on search results. For businesses that monitor their search rankings, they may notice a significant rise or fall in their overall rankings…    Continue Reading

Page loading time is an important part of any site’s user experience. It can often facilitate better aesthetic design, functionality and content. Because people want faster sites, Google and other search engines do as well. To be more effective and keep visitors on your site longer, it is important to have a site that not only loads properly, but quickly….    Continue Reading

Many of our clients will contact us, saying they’ve received a call from Google stating that their business is not being found online or their Google business listing is incomplete. We want to let you know that the majority of these calls are scams. They are telemarketers claiming to be Google when, in fact, they are unethical companies trying to…    Continue Reading

There is a lot of reading material on the market about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Sometimes the detailed information seems to be contradictory from one source to another. Often times this is due to the fact that search engine rules and criteria change rapidly from one month to the next, making the task of keeping…    Continue Reading

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