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Artificial intelligence has remained a hot topic for years – with huge hopes and fears for the future depending on who you ask about it. While some may fall victim to the concern that artificial intelligence and robots will take over our jobs, Artificial intelligence still requires too much human input to be much of a threat. However, some are…    Continue Reading

It has come to our attention that there is a series of dangerous emails being circulated that we wanted to share. While there are many email scams out there, the ones we are talking about are especially tricky, since they are impersonating website hosts such as Google, Hotmail, and even WebDrafter. They are targeting anybody with an email address. If…    Continue Reading

Cybersecurity has always been an important issue for businesses. COVID-19 has only created more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack; they’re taking advantage of the global health pandemic to scam the unsuspecting. We want you to be aware, so you can educate your employees and best protect your business. Email remains the number-one means of cyberattack. Cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated and…    Continue Reading

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