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Is My Business Not Showing Up on Google?

Many of our clients will contact us, saying they’ve received a call from Google stating that their business is not being found online or their Google business listing is incomplete. We want to let you know that the majority of these calls are scams. They are telemarketers claiming to be Google when, in fact, they are unethical companies trying to sell marketing or verification services.

Google Business

So how do you know if it’s Google?
The scam calls are automated, meaning you hear a recording when you pick up the phone. Then you are asked to press a button to speak with a representative. The representatives will claim an association with Google; however, they are just trying to lure your small business into giving them money.

These automated calls, or robocalls, are actually illegal in the United States, and Google has nothing to do with them.

Here are some important things to know that Google does not do:

  • Charge for inclusion in Google My Business or in Google Search
  • Offer to improve your search ranking or manage your business profile online
  • Ask for a password or verification code. You should never provide sensitive information about your account to a caller.

Google does reach out to businesses in certain situations. Here are some examples of when and how they would contact you:

  • You may receive a call about Google AdWords, Google Play or other Google product.
  • Unless you specifically request an automated call, any call from Google will be a live person, not a recorded voice.
  • Any emails from Google should come from an email address ending in “”
  • To verify business information or confirm details for Google Maps. However, in this case, they will only ask for location information or questions related to a business listing; they will not be selling anything.

By knowing Google’s business practices, you are better able to protect your business from a fraud. Google is trying to track down these robocallers and offers advice on what to do when you receive Unwanted Calls. The simple answer if you receive a robocall is to hang up.

If you have more questions about your business listing on Google or would like to know how to increase your rankings on Google, feel free to Contact Us. We specialize in search engine optimization and search engine marketing to help your business be found online.

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