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Why Was My Website Not Created Accessible in the First Place?

Confused and frustrated business owner

Why Was My Website Not Created Accessible in the First Place?Most websites were designed before there was a demand for it to be accessible, and honestly making a site accessible was expensive. There are hundreds of parts that make up the compliance of a website, and it would require the developer to review thousands of lines of code (line by line) and apply all of these rules manually – costing thousands to you. This would also need to be monitored and maintained over time to make sure it stays compliant, since adding images, video, text and more will all affect this. As you can see, this gets very expensive very quickly, and it is still difficult to ensure every single page is always compliant.

The issue of web accessibility has been increasing in media coverage and conversations more each year. At WebDrafter, we are always on the lookout for changes and updates that can affect our clients’ websites and web presence. That is why six months ago we started seriously researching the topic of web accessibility to see if it is a valid concern to business owners (which it is) and how we can best solve the problem for you.

Once we saw that accessibility was becoming more important for businesses, we began to review and test some different ways to make a website accessible that was more affordable. We found a winning solution for ADA Website compliance that not only had the best results but also the best pricing. This solution utilizes recent breakthroughs in artifical intellignece, allowing a machine to do in just a few minutes what it would take a developer hundreds of hours! In fact, this is the same technology that many law offices and federal agencies use for their own sites!

Why should I use WebDrafter for my website accessibility needs?

  • You can rest assured that you have access to the leading solution at one of the lowest possible prices.
  • You severely minimize the likelihood of being served a complaint from a user or opportunistic lawyer looking to sue or make a cash settlement of $10,000 plus.
  • A monthly certification will be emailed to you indicating that your website and content are compliant.
  • A new search engine is in beta testing to help users find websites that are accessible. When it is publicly released in the coming months, your website will automatically be submitted.
Our customers love how simple we have made the ADA Compliance process:

Extra benefits of website accessibility:

  • Having an accessible website will expose your business to about 20% more people.
  • By making your website accessible to all users, you are fulfilling your legal obligation to not discriminate.
  • You’re helping make your community and our world a better place.

We now have the tool needed to make your website accessible at an affordable price. In addition, your business may be eligible for a tax credit to help cover the cost. Don’t delay! Take advantage of our early adopter pricing!

Are you ready to make your website accessible? Call WebDrafter at 717-589-7812 or contact us.

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