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Why Do We Ask About Your Budget?

If you are unfamiliar with Web site development, it may be difficult to appreciate the number of options, features, and functionality that can be harnessed within an effective Web design. There are so many considerations to choose from that the price of two Websites can differ significantly.

To understand this better, let’s use an analogy that you are familiar with to illustrate the point. If you were to be in the market to buy a house, you would probably work with a real estate agent. The real estate agent would need to have some idea as to what kind of budget you were working with, along with your requirements for the house itself. For example, if you simply were to say “I want a house. How much will it cost?” the real estate agent would be unable to answer the question. There are simply too many choices. Similarly, if you were to be more specific about the type of house (“I want a brick, three bedroom house with two-and-a half baths. How much will it cost?”), the real estate agent may be able to give you a range of prices for houses that are below your budget but in a lousy neighborhood, to far outside your budget so it would be pointless to look at them. To make the request meaningful, a targeted budget is a key part of the equation.

In this way, your Web site is your real estate on the Internet. We want to meet your needs, and we want to do it within your budget. There are thousands of options available, so we need your help in being more specific in balancing your needs with what can realistically be done within your budget.

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