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Fully-functional content management redesigns, complete with SEO and SEM. Increased user experience, social media management and more.

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Customer's Review

Remodeling a home or business isn’t easy. It takes a great deal of time and thought just to plan what work will be done, not to mention that actual labor itself. Designing and building a website is the exact same thing. “We can renovate homes and businesses like nobody’s business, but ‘remodeling’ a website? That’s beyond us,” said Scott Rajavuori, manager of design, sales and marketing at Titus Contracting LLC, located in the Twin Cities, Minn. metro. Scott and Titus turned to to give their websites another look. The companies had previously worked together on Titus Contracting’s web design needs.

‘A perfect system for guys like us’

For the latest version of (the company’s commercial division) and (the company’s residential division), designed two custom skins on a content management system platform, making it easy to blog, update the site and so forth. “It’s a perfect system for guys like us, who aren’t the most tech savvy,” Scott Rajavuori said. “The team did a great job creating the new sites, and explaining to us how it all worked.”

‘We couldn’t be happier’

Titus Contracting LLC also decided to let handle and manage its SEO and SEM campaigns, which include paid advertising, reputation management, social media management and much more. Scott has since working with on its Internet presence goals has led to an increase in website traffic, business and a better managed online reputation. “Between the new websites and the SEO and marketing services, we couldn’t be happier with,” Scott said. “They have exceeded all of our goals tenfold.”

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