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Providing E-Commerce Web Design

You wouldn’t think about trying to open a store front without a cash register. How would your business succeed without being able to accept your customers’ payments?

On the Internet, your customers expect to be able to use their credit cards to pay securely for their purchases. So an e-commerce merchant account is your Web site’s cash register online.

In fact, statistics show that your customers will spend an estimated 20% more online using their credit card than they would purchase with cash in-person. That means e-commerce is an essential component to your business’ continued growth online.

With our secure shopping cart and powerful catalog features, we can help you offer flexible payment methods to your customers. Our e-commerce solutions include built-in invoicing, order tracking, shipping and tax tools to make shopping online easy for your customers, and managing orders easy for you.

What’s the Difference Between E-commerce and a Merchant account?

E-commerce simply means doing business online. Using a shopping cart and catalog, requesting donations, or being able to fill out an order form on a Web site are all examples of e-commerce. You may have e-commerce on a Web site without equipping it with a merchant account. In such cases, a customer could fill out an order form, print it, and mail it in with their payment.

A Merchant Account is the tool you use to accept payment online securely through the banking system. The customer’s credit card or bank account gets charged by a merchant account provider through a financial gateway, and the money for the transaction is deposited directly into your bank account (less a small percentage in transaction fees).

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