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Domain Names

Registration and Maintenance Tips

Your domain name is your online business identity. Choosing the right domain name is no trivial matter.

We can help you select, manage and protect your domain name to help you market your Website effectively.

In addition to domain names, we provide essential services related to managing your site including Web-based and POP3 email accounts, auto-responders, forwarders, email aliases, and more.

Here are some tips on choosing your domain name:

  • Shorter is better – It’s easier to include on business cards, stationery, catalogs, vehicles signage, etc. and people will remember it easier.
  • Avoid symbols if possible – It’s better to have than something that is easy to make typos with, such as
  • Make it “catchy” so it gets people’s attention – People won’t always have pen and paper to write it down, so a domain name that is simple & cute will be more memorable than a lengthy one. Be careful with any type of “play on words,” however, as they can lead to mispellings. For example, a shoe repair place that uses is clever, but may easily be confused with a walk-in clinic that may be named
  • Make it relevant – Choose a name that represents your business’ or organizations’ main mission, purpose, product, or service. For example, tells little about the business, but reveals a lot.
  • Register multiple spellings – If your name may be misspelled easily by your customers, consider intentionally registering the misspelling so you capture ALL of your intended traffic, not just the people who spell it correctly. For example, if you owned, you might want to also own,, and to cover your bases. You can point multiple domain names to a single Web site.
  • Protect your Identity – Identity theft isn’t something just limited to your personal life. Your competition would love to get your customers shopping at their business if they could. So you will probably want to invest in registering more than just the .com for your business. Consider getting the .net, .biz, .org, and .info names as well. It’s cheap insurance against your competition buying them and pointing them to their site instead of yours. Your customer may not know the difference if they find the product or service they’re searching for at your competitor’s site.

IMPORTANT: When you decide to register your domain name(s), make a list of several names to check before you start shopping. In all likelihood, several of the names you may want may have already been thought of and purchased by someone else first, so they will be unavailable. Also, doing searches for available domain names is not a secure process, so other people on the Internet may detect the names you are checking into. If you find a name or names that you like, buy them at the time you find them available… Otherwise, if you try to buy at a later time, you may find that someone else bought them out from under you and will try to sell them back to you at a HUGE premium. Although the process of doing so is unethical, it is difficult and expensive to pursue justice in such cases. It’s much easier to just get them when you find them available.

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