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New Year, New You.Com: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Site

Start the year off right! Improve your business’ website, get it ranking higher and seen by more potential customers by utilizing some of our leading services at WebDrafter. If you’ve been thinking about doing more to increase your exposure or ramping up your online presence, the time is now! Drive more people to your business with these simple New Year’s resolutions.
webdrafter new years resolution

Revamp Your Website Design

This day in age, a website’s aesthetic is often a customer’s very first interaction with your brand. A great looking, engaging, modern and informative website that’s easy to navigate says so much about your company and keeps customers on your site. When a customer enjoys being on your site, they develop a much better impression of your business, learning more about your products and services.

Whether you need a completely new website or just some sprucing up, we offer creative solutions, collaborating with you, the client, for a comprehensive design that’s best for you and your needs.

If You’ve Got Something to Sell, Sell it Online with E-Commerce Design

Did you know e-commerce can apply to many different types of websites including not only retail but business to business transactions? It’s simple. If you’ve got something to sell or services to provide, you should be leveraging the power of the Internet.
For many Americans, the Internet is the very first place they go to when it comes to finding something they need. At WebDrafter, we will work with you to create an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing platform to sell your products and services, increasing not only your sales but your brand recognition, both locally and globally.

Get Responsive & More Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 79% of smart-phone users use their phone to make purchasing decisions? So, when a customer goes to your site, you want them to find a mobile responsive one that looks great and is easy to use. If not, they may leave it to find a more mobile-friendly competitor.
A responsive site detects and adjusts its content to display optimally on all screen sizes, including tablets and mobile phones, keeping customers on your site longer and reducing your bounce rate. Now, this feature doesn’t happen automatically. On a non-responsive site, a customer will have a far more negative experience, having to adjust, minimize and maximize. Make sure your site is responsive for a seamless look and better customer experience overall.

Be Seen: SEO is the Way to Go

There are over two billion people online. Did you know that 93% of all online experiences start with a search? And, that 75% of users never scroll past the first page and 70%-80% of users ignore paid ads and focus on just the organic results? If you’re not doing something to improve your search presence, chances are you’re falling down in the ranking and behind your competition. It’s time to make a difference and the New Year is the perfect time to do so! As experts in SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we will find the word choice, formatting, text, structure and internal links to help get your site seen. Did you know companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages? And, more indexed pages means more leads. Allow our writers to create not only website content, but blog content to increase your ranking.

If you’re ready to start the year off right, giving your website a boost, or if you have some more questions on how to increase business in the New Year, feel free to Contact Us. We specialize in search engine optimization and marketing, website design, ecommerce design, mobile responsiveness, reputation management and more!

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