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2015 Server Migration

What Is It?

If you use for email and/or website hosting, some changes to your account and data will take place within the coming weeks. The reason for these changes are twofold: to better serve you and to better serve your data. As a growing company, strives to serve you and your company to its fullest capacity. Migrating your data will allow us to do this more efficiently on our side, while at the same time you will added benefits on your side.

The underground hacking community is getting larger, smarter and faster, which makes for a dangerous combination. One of the biggest deciding factors to make this big transition has been the numerous attacks imposed on servers worldwide. This server migration will help give your services the security and performance boost needed to defend against these predators.

How Does It Affect Me?

If you have a website hosted with us, you will see a speed boost when visiting your site. What you won’t see is the firewall and added layers to help keep unauthorized users from accessing your stealing or defacing your data. You will not need to do anything for this.

If you have email hosted with us, the biggest thing you will notice is less SPAM in your inbox. You will receive several emails from notifying you that action is required on your part in order to maintain continuous service. We will be moving hundreds to thousands of email addresses, and just cannot facilitate personally helping every individual. It is very important that you or your IT technician follow these steps before your given deadline or else you will not be able to send or receive any new emails.

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