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Email Clients & Access

Things to know about WebDrafter email hosting


Logging into your email at any time from any place:

First and foremost, WebDrafters’ specialists support the Webmail email interface. Each WebDrafter client’s hosting account comes with a Webmail interface for accessing your emails and the related email settings. Clients can access their email anytime from Webmail. WebMail Login

Accessing Webmail

  • In your browser of choice, navigate to your webmail portal. (for example:
  • Login with your current username and password.
  • Once you are logged in, you can click the blue drop-down box that contains your email address. This will reveal advanced options for your email account. Here you can do things like changing your password.
  • For more information on changing your password visit
  • For more information on how to update your email settings visit

WebDrafter does not currently support third-party email applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird. If there are issues in which you cannot access your email via those channels, we suggest first logging into your Webmail account and then checking here for any further information on the subject or contacting WebDrafter support where your issue will be handled for a select fee.

If you prefer to keep using Outlook, we recommend upgrading to the most recent version to ensure smooth operation and enhanced email (Update Outlook) and make sure the settings are correct (Outlook Settings). Otherwise, for a list of other up-to-date email clients see: Alternative Email Applications and for Outlook alternatives

WebDrafter Email Security

Is Your Outdated Email Client Not Working?

If you’re using an older version of popular email applications such as Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, you’re emails will most likely not be coming in or going out.

Email security is a serious issue that can cause major problems if not addressed. A weak cipher is an encryption and decryption method that uses a secret key that is too short and leaves openings in the transfer from your email client to the message’s destination. What this means: a weak cipher leaves “room” for a middle man to intercept your messages as they are being sent and received. Most modern browsers and email clients do not support weak ciphers.

The simplest and most concise way to prevent interceptions and allow more safe and secure email transactions is to simply not allow weak ciphers to be used on your hosting server. By not allowing weak ciphers, hosts are able to better protect your sensitive data that’s transferred through your emails and across the web. In doing so, the server’s security hardens and sometimes that too can have side effects, such as not allowing older versions of email clients that do use weak ciphers.

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