Let’s assume for a moment that you own a business and want to go about getting people to find it online via search engines. And we’ll also assume that you want to promote awareness about your business via social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. It is all-too-easy to become immersed in the sea of acronyms…    Continue Reading

You may or may not know that traditional methods of marketing (emblematic items, broadcast ads, printed ads, etc.) can be integral to successful marketing on search engines. I will remain very broad in covering the topic because there are many options available to you , and some of them will be better suited for your particular goals than others. Up…    Continue Reading

If you are looking for information about effective, traditional methods of promoting your business, please refer to the Marketing section of my book, “Website 411: Business Survival in an Internet Economy.” I touch on a variety of ways to earn a return on your Website investment in that section, including a brief discussion of paid-for advertising, subscribed links, and so…    Continue Reading

Regardless of whether you own a service-oriented business or one that primarily sells products, using the Web to accept payment is becoming a “must” in today’s economy. Nowadays, more people pay their bills online than ever before. People use credit cards to pay for more than half of what they spend (either because they’re broke and need to revolve, or…    Continue Reading