Everyone loves a bargain. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with saving money or finding a great deal by shopping around. As a consumer, it almost feels like you have “won” something when you can compare notes with others and have the bragging rights to say, “You paid how much? Wow, you got ripped off! I got it for…    Continue Reading

Have you been burned by a web design, search engine optimization or marketing company lately? Website design companies are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, their prices usually aren’t so cheap. When your website is constructed, you expect that it will pay for itself with the business it brings you. Or at least, that is the way it’s supposed to work….    Continue Reading

“I had a client who had me build a website, and then we optimized it for the search engines. After a few short months, the site was achieving prominent placement on the search engines, both organically and in paid-for listings. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, I received a call from the client that he had signed a contract with another search…    Continue Reading

Dollars are scarce in today’s economy. Phone book advertisements, radio spots, billboards, and other forms of advertisements have not become any cheaper in recent times, and in fact, costs are on the rise. In uncertain financial times, it can be very uncomfortable to sign a contract binding your business into a predefined term that commits you to spend hundreds or…    Continue Reading

If you’re hoping that I’ll cover the magic formula to guarantee yourself the #1 top placement on search engines here, you can stop reading now. I can’t. I don’t know it. Neither does anybody else, by the way. And even if they did, they wouldn’t within 30 days. Here’s the deal, folks. Search engines are a moving target. They HAVE…    Continue Reading